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IX Workshop of Applied Crystallography

 IX Workshop of Applied Crystallography to Materials Science and Engineering

                                                               May, 24 to 26 , 2019
                                           Meaípe - Guaraparí - ES - Brazil

The Group of Applied Physics and Crystallography has been organized these meeting since 2010.

For 2019 we decided to to offer the community the 9th Workshop of Applied Crystallography to Materials Science and Engineering to discuss and disseminate new technical applications in crystallographic as Gleeble associated with XRD, and research of new advanced materials.
In addition, more traditional applications such as studies of X-ray diffraction for crystallography phase determination of monazitic sands compounds, ceramic for general use, use of residues marble and granite, cement production, among many others will also be discussed. There are several areas of science and engineering of materials in which needs arise from X-ray techniques and their subsequent analysis applications.

Chairman: Dr. Marcos Tadeu D'Azeredo Orlando - UFES
Support:  UFES / PPGEM - Hotel da Léa, Restaurante Gaeta, Restaurante Sabores, Restaurante Curuca, CNPq, CAPES  e ABCr  

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